An interactive game that educates kids about their anxiety.

An interactive gameplay experience for third and fourth graders that educates them about anxiety. The plushies personify not only symptoms of anxiety but coping mechanisms for those with anxiety. With the help of a parent, therapist, or an advisor, kids can learn new ways to cope with anxious feelings,and have the opportunity to share their own feelings. To use ANXIHIDE, the child would choose the symptoms they felt that day and choose who hides the symptom plushies. The other person finds them and then asks the child which of the coping plushies they think would help them feel better. If desired you can perform the coping mechanism exercises and track your anxiety on the anxiety tracker. Through this process, kids can learn not only how other people deal with anxiety, but also new ways that they can deal with their own feelings. The plushies make a difficult subject easy to discuss in a more comfortable setting.